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Welcome to our company presentation!


All those interested to get to know more about our company are warmly invited to our company presentation on the 44th Plenary Meeting of the German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF) “Application and System Integration, value-added design” hosted by EuropTec GmbH in Goslar on 6th June 2013.

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Membership German Flat Display Forum (DFF)


ProTec Carrier Systems GmbH became a member of German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF). Our intention therefore is to meet new customers, to understand market dynamics of the flat panel display industry as well as to provide an enlargement of our application portfolio in the field of display technology.

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PCS exhibits on Intersolar Europe 2012 in Munich June 13-15, 2012


We are very excited to announce that ProTec Carrier Systems can be visited in Munich on June 13-15, 2012. We give you insight into our latest technology projects with new aspects and focus on applications in PV industry and related tool manufacturers.

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Basics E-Chucks

ProTec's Electrostatic Chuck Systems offer an unique technique to clamp substrates safely. Based on Coulomb´s law the electrostatic chuck generates a homogeneous clamping force between substrate and chuck. The clamping process is reversible and ensures a quick substrate release. Furthermore, ProTec’s Electrostatic Chuck Systems can handle even large and thin substrates under rough conditions safely. Due to our expertise in stationary and transferable chucking systems we are able to provide fully integrated solutions for new and already existing equipment, starting from the prototype phase to full-scale production. Great emphasis is placed on the right combination of Electrostatic Chuck and Measurement Controller (high-voltage supply) merged into Electrostatic Chuck Systems.


  • Unmatched thermal transfer in vacuum environment
  • Upside-down chucking
  • Active substrate area is completely free and not partially covered
  • Homogeneous clamping force, continuously adjustable
  • Adapter e-chucks (e.g. 6 substrates on single e-chuck)
  • Bow elimination
  • Edge protection
  • “Sandwich Chucking” with masks
  • Transparent e-chucks
  • Storage