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Welcome to our company presentation!


All those interested to get to know more about our company are warmly invited to our company presentation on the 44th Plenary Meeting of the German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF) “Application and System Integration, value-added design” hosted by EuropTec GmbH in Goslar on 6th June 2013.

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Membership German Flat Display Forum (DFF)


ProTec Carrier Systems GmbH became a member of German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF). Our intention therefore is to meet new customers, to understand market dynamics of the flat panel display industry as well as to provide an enlargement of our application portfolio in the field of display technology.

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PCS exhibits on Intersolar Europe 2012 in Munich June 13-15, 2012


We are very excited to announce that ProTec Carrier Systems can be visited in Munich on June 13-15, 2012. We give you insight into our latest technology projects with new aspects and focus on applications in PV industry and related tool manufacturers.

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Basics T-ESC®

PCS’s Transfer ElectroStatic Carrier (T-ESC®) Technology provides safe and easy handling as well as processing of thin and ultra-thin substrates. T-ESC® Technology is based on using an electrical field to apply an electrostatic force (Coulomb force) on materials of rather low con- ductivity. The mobile electrostatic carriers (T-ESC®) developed by PCS establish such a field and chuck especially thin substrates (< 50μm) over a long period of time (up to 50 hours). The quick release at the end of the process leaves absolutely no contaminants on the substrate. Organic residues caused by the use of tape or by bonding – therefore requiring additional cleaning processes – are thus avoided. All existing standard tools, equipment, and processes remain fully utilizable. Warping and bowing of thin substrates are avoided during the entire process thanks to carrier protection. PCS offers a great variety of carriers suitable for many processes in the semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing industry.

T-ESC® Solutions

  • Bow Elimination
  • Adapter Tool (Bridging)
  • Sliding Off
  • “Sandwich Chucking” with Masks
  • Transparent Substrates/Carriers
  • Deframing/Easy Flipping
  • Transportation/Storage
  • Back Side Gas Cooling (BSGC)