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All those interested to get to know more about our company are warmly invited to our company presentation on the 44th Plenary Meeting of the German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF) “Application and System Integration, value-added design” hosted by EuropTec GmbH in Goslar on 6th June 2013.

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Unipolar carrier based on silicon wafers

  • Solution for thin wafer support during processes involving high-temperature impact (up to 450°C), vacuum, and plasma environment
  • Compatible with common bipolar stationary chucks

Typical Applications

  • Implanting
  • Implanting
  • Lithography (partially)
  • Plasma cleaning
  • Electroplating
  • Annealing of wafer surface

Qualified Equipment

  • STS Pegasus
  • Varian E500
  • Semitool Equinox
  • Oxford Plasmalab 80 Plus
  • BCP LLS802
  • Applied Materials PVD Cluster Tool
  • Various CVD tools
  • etc.

Additional Information

The HT Carrier is a standard silicon wafer adhering to SEMI stan- dards. By applying a specific coating to the bulk material (using standard semiconductor materials), the High-Temperature wafer support system for thin and ultra-thin substrates is achieved.

Advantages of HT T-ESC®

  • Low contamination
  • High flatness
  • Compatibility with existing handling systems (transport cassettes, vacuum, Bernoulli or mechanical end effectors, etc.)