MCU 3000

The Manual Chucking Unit (MCU 3000) is used to temporary bond and de-bond the device wafer with our T-ESC®´s. It is suited to low volume or R&D production, a trained operator can achieve between 15-25 bonds and de-bonds per hour. The MCU 3000 comes with a touch screen for operation and a handling unit to do the bonding and de-bonding. Additionally a manual alignment feature is included and can be used by the operator.
The MCU 3000 is available in three standard sizes, however also customized versions are available. The change of wafer size to another is done very quick and reliable in 10 minutes. By the way, of course we always provide special training and support for your operators.

MCU 3000

Typical Applications

  • Available in three basic sizes: 3”/4”/6”, 6”/8”, and 8”/12”, customized versions on request

  • Working plate on top of the unit determines the substrate size.  Change of size by replacing working plate to upgrade from one size to the other.

  • Enhanced dechucking feature

  • Chucking voltage is programmable up to 3kV, high sensitive current measurement.

  • Enhanced SIEMENS PLC S7/200 controller contains the GUI and several (self) diagnostic features.

  • LCD touchscreen panel includes selectable screen display for voltage, current, and status information, customer’s chucking type settings and process conditions, etc.

  • Parameter configuration settings are stored in customized data, recorded for each carrier type.

  • Process Media: Power supply, N2 (CDA/compressed air), vacuum

  • Machine Dimensions: L x W x H: 621 x 430 x 330 mm

  • Weight: 20 kg


Technical Data

Available in three basic sizes:

4”/6”, 6”/8”, and 8”/12”,


20 kg

Process Media:

Power supply
N2 (CDA/compressed air),

Machine Dimensions:

L x W x H:
621 x 430 x 330 mm